Why You Should Consider Custom Orthothics

Your feet are important for your mobility, supporting your body, and providing a solid foundation for standing, walking, and moving. For most of your life, they are working hard to move you through the world, and in return, they deserve support. 


Custom orthotics can be an important and helpful way to provide the support your feet need and deserve. Orthotics can help with foot pain as well as give you numerous other benefits. 


At Jersey Foot & Ankle Institute, Dr. Ankur Dharia and his staff work hard to provide individualized care for your unique feet. Custom orthotics may be an essential part of that care.  


In this post, we present five benefits of custom orthotics that you may not know about. 


1. Your whole body


Take a moment to consider all that your feet are responsible for in terms of balance, support, and mobility. Think about the size of your body as a whole and the size of just your feet. Even though they are quite small in comparison, your feet carry your entire musculoskeletal structure, and give you the mobility you need to walk through life. 


Your feet don’t do all that work alone, of course. Everything is connected. From your feet, your ankles, knees, hips, and back also engage to keep you up and moving. This means that even a small problem in your feet has the potential of setting up a biomechanical system that’s out of alignment. 


One simple example is if your feet roll too far inward when you take a step, a condition called overpronation. Overpronation can cause problems that extend well beyond your foot. 


Custom orthotics create the proper foundation, which makes it possible for the rest of your body to function as it should. 


2. Better performance


If you’re an athlete, whether for fun, just on the weekends, or even professionally, you know how important it is for your feet to be protected and supported. 


Custom orthotics can help balance any problems that are brought on by doing the activities you enjoy. This not only protects your feet, but can improve your performance, too. 


3. Take it to the distance


Your feet work hard. Keeping up with everything you do in a day is a challenge! Custom orthotics can help your feet go the distance. 


If your job requires a lot of time on your feet, custom orthotics can help reduce the stress on them and the rest of your body, too. Even if you aren’t on your feet for work, there’s a good chance that there’s some part of your life that requires extra stress on your feet. Custom orthotics can help reduce it. 


4. Walk the right way


Another great benefit of custom orthotics is our ability to correct your gait. Any problem with your gait, or the way you walk, can cause other problems for your ankles, knees, and so on. Custom orthotics can correct issues with your gait. 


Not only does this help with your alignment, but it also prevents you from wearing down your shoes irregularly, which could mean you get more miles out of them. Plus, you may end up with a more cosmetically appealing gait. 


5. Prevention is the best medicine


One of the biggest advantages of custom orthotics is that they can help you avoid a number of problems in the first place. People who have chronic issues such as diabetes may benefit especially from custom orthotics. By taking action ahead of time, you can avoid foot pain altogether, which makes orthotics a wise choice in preventive care.

If you’d like to learn more about how custom orthotics can be helpful even if you aren’t in pain right now, book an appointment with Dr. Dharia at Jersey Foot & Ankle Institute. He’s happy to answer your questions and provide advice for your specific situation.

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